Wasp Package Tracker Professional Software (1 Year)

Wasp Package Tracker Professional Software (1 Year)
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Package Tracker Software and Online Tracking Systems

An effective package tracking solution requires more than just ensuring that the package was received at the location of the recipient; it should track the package all the way to the end recipient. Wasp’s mail tracking system enables organizations to track a package from the moment it is received in a central location, identifies who received and will deliver the package, and the time and date that the end recipient signed for the package.

Benefits of Package Tracking System

Package tracking should enable:

  • Speed- Deliver packages through the mailroom repository faster to the people waiting for them
  • Accuracy- Reduce human errors, misplacement, and shrinkage
  • Accountability- Know exactly when a package arrived, who received and signed for it, where it is at, and ultimately when the end recipient signed for it
  • Efficiency- Reduce time looking for packages or reordering the items

What are the benefits of a typical Wasp Package Tracking Solution?

  • Package Tracking Software- Track any package throughout the process via secure login.
  • Barcode Scanner & Mobile Computer- Barcode scanners scan the incoming deliveries into the package tracking application. Mobile computers scan the final delivery to the end recipient and serve as a means to capture the recipient’s signature.
  • Barcode Printer- For packages delivered which do not have a barcode label, a barcode printer is needed to quickly generate a label so the package can be scanned and tracked.
How Wasp Package Tracking System Works