Wasp Barcode Technologies launches Zapier Integration for Wasp Asset Cloud

Wasp Asset Cloud Zapier Integration Released on Feb. 4, 2023

The Zapier integration allows you to connect two of their 5,000 web apps to one another without any code-writing abilities needed. Currently, AssetCloud has Zapier triggers for create new asset, asset checked out, asset disposed, and asset moved.

Zapier Integration Examples

  • You can connect AssetCloud to SMS Zapier and receive a text message for one or all of those triggers.
  • 2nd Example: You can connect a Google Sheet of assets to AssetCloud, and when a new row is entered into the sheet, it will trigger a new asset creation with that information in AssetCloud.
  • For more information, visit http://www.zapier.com, search for “Wasp AssetCloud,” and then search for the app you want to connect AssetCloud to. The Zapier connections are set up on Zapier’s site, not in AssetCloud itself.

Please contact BarcodeShack to learn more about Wasp’s new Zapier integration.

More about the Feb 4, 2023 Release of Wasp Asset Cloud

  • New API calls for departments, including creating new, update, search, and delete.
  • New API calls for vendors, including create and edit.
    • New API calls for manufacturers, including create and edit.
      • For more information about our available APIs, please visit here.
    • Improved Performance and bug fixes.

    Please contact BarcodeShack to set up a meeting to learn more about these functions and improvements to Wasp Asset Cloud.

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