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Integrating InventoryCloud or AssetCloud from Wasp Barcode to your business systems transforms operations by replacing chaotic, paper-based systems that depend on manual entry. This integration minimizes human error, streamlining processes and ensuring accuracy. By automating data entry, it significantly reduces the disorder and inefficiencies associated with manual systems. The result is smoother operations, precise inventory tracking, and dependable financial records. This shift not only enhances operational efficiency but also paves the way for more robust financial control and reporting.

Wasp Integration Benefits

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Integrate Wasp AssetCloud and InventoryCloud with popular business applications through BarcodeShack. Supported integrations include Dynamics 365, Quickbooks, NetSuite, Zendesk, Sage, SAP, BMC Remedy, and more.

Customer Story

BarcodeShack's step process help speed Inventory Cloud implementation

Magna worked with BaracodeShack because they needed Wasp Inventory Cloud rapidly implemented. BarcodeShack’s professional services to ensure accurate implementation, database configuration, data imports and staff training.

Cape Associates enhances asset management capabilities

The cloud-based implementation enables Cape Associates to update the asset management database from anywhere using a smartphone. With check-in/check-out functionality, it supports specialized search criteria, such as item and jobsite to pinpoint equipment locations.

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What Our Wasp Barcode Clients Say

From beginning to end, you and your team have been responsive, helpful, knowledgeable and extremely patient. We appreciate you keeping your time commitments to deliver professional quality products on time and on budget!
Alison from NYC
Property Manager
We used Wasp Barcode for years to track our tools and equipment and hired BarcodeShack to write a custom report for us. We then upgraded the Wasp solution and had BarcodeShack integrate it with our accounting system saving us lots of time, frustration and money!
Casey Cole
Cape Associates
BarcodeShack supplied us with all the necessary tools to help us manage our inventory tracking needs, including software, barcode scanners, and durable labels, all while staying within my budget. We're very happy we went with BarcodeShack!
Chris Frank
Pacific Northwest Hydro

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