Top 15 Inventory Control System Requirements

Requirements definition is key to inventory control systems success. When selecting an inventory control solution your chances of success are dramatically increased if you develop a list of requirements.
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Requirements Definition is Key to Inventory Control Systems Success

When selecting an inventory control solution your chances of success are dramatically increased if you develop a list of requirements. Below are 15 questions that will help you understand your basic inventory control needs and assist you in developing your requirements list.

BarcodeShack recommends that you work with a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) who offers a variety of inventory control solutions rather than selecting an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) who is compelled to force-fit your requirements into their limited product suite. BarcodeShack is a VAR and we carry multiple solutions that are designed for a variety of inventory situations. We possess the knowledge and experience to understand your organization’s needs and will match those needs and advise you on the selection, purchase & implementation of the appropriate solution.

15 Questions for Determining Inventory Control Solutions Requirements

  1. What kind of inventory do I need to track?
  2. Do I need to track a single unit or multiple units of measure?
  3. Do I need to track serial numbers, lot numbers and/or expiration dates?
  4. Do I need to relate items in a parent-child relationship?
  5. Do I need to track traceability?
  6. Does the inventory system need to be integrated with an existing system?
  7. Do I need to track purchase orders and sales orders?
  8. What transactions do I need to have supported by the system?
  9. Do I need to track inventory located on pallets?
  10. Do I need to quarantine inventory?
  11. Do I need to perform quality control inspections?
  12. Do I need to capture weights?
  13. Do I need support for mobile computers and barcode scanners?
  14. Do I need barcode printing capabilities?
  15. Do I need ASN’s or electronic manifests?

BarcodeShack offers free telephone consultation and, depending on the complexity of your system requirements, can provide an inventory control solutions quote based on one call. More complex systems requirements sometimes necessitate a formal systems design study. BarcodeShack offers such requirements analysis services.

A web demo of the recommended system is usually performed and we can offer a 30 day unlimited trial for many of the systems we offer.We encourage you to review the above and give us a call. We’re also creating an online form with the above information so you can complete it, submit it to us and we can assist you further during a consultative phone session.

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