Tool Tracking System

Stop Losing Your Tools & Equipment

Use barcode scanning to help manage construction tools and equipment by job site location and identify who is responsible for them. Instantly access information so you can make sound decisions.

Tools and equipment losses cost businesses more than one billion dollars per year
Barcode your tools & equipment

Gain Control

A barcode tool tracking system lets you easily track your construction tools and equipment and identify their location.  Identify what’s missing before you leave the job site.  Ensure you have the right tools to perform your work.


Enforces accountability to ensure that your construction tools and equipment are returned after each job and maintains records of who is responsible for them. Alerts help keep everyone in line and on the same page, fostering trust within the organization.

Accountability fosters trust within your organization
Easy and quick to setup

Quick Deployment

Take charge of your tool and equipment inventory with this easy-to-implement barcode-based tool-tracking system.  Get the system up in days and weeks, not months and years.  Start getting benefits instantly.

Complete Solution

The solution includes everything you need to solve your tool and equipment tracking issues. Tool tracking software, durable barcode labels, barcode hardware, training, and continued support.

Tool tracking in the palm of your hand
Tool Tacking Success Stories
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BarcodeShack's Feature Rich Tool Tracking Solution

Mobile Application

Both Android and iOS mobile apps are user-friendly and can be utilized by individuals of all skill levels for tracking and organizing tools.

Works On & Off Line

You can perform tool and equipment checkouts and audits on your Android or iOS smartphone with or without an internet connection.

Unlimited Tracking

Supports tracking an unlimited number of tools and equipment and job site locations. There is no limit to what you can track with the solution.

Automatic Location Tracking

Records the GEO Location as items are scanned - AUTOMATICALLY.


Work vehicles can be their own mini-tool and equipment warehouses.

Alerts & Notifications

Know when construction tools and equipment are checked out or past due and more.


Significantly reduce the time and effort required to conduct a construction tool and equipment inventory.


Get the data you need to make intelligent business decisions. 60+ tool tracking reports included and you can design your own.

Tracks Tool History

The history or each tool is tracked enabling you to know who had it last and who is responsible for each tool.

Tool Grouping

Group construction tools and equipment for rapid checkout. Reduces the number of scans needed to perform a checkout.

Maintenance & Work Order Tracking

Enforce contructon tool maintenance schedules to increase your tool equipment lifespan.

Calibration Tracking

The system empowers your orgainzation to manage calibration schedules and sends notifications for calibration events before they are due.

Schedule a FREE Tool Tracking Demo

Guided expert online tool tracking demo

Schedule a FREE Tool Tracking Demo

Guided expert online tool tracking demo

Free Tool Tracking Demo

Schedule our FREE 20-minute tool tracking online demo and explore how BarcodeShack’s tool tracking software can work for you. 


6 Top Considerations When Implementing a Tool & Equipment Tracking System

Stop losing valuable tools and learn about the essential features needed for a tool tracking system.