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Wasp DT92 Mobile Computer, Batch, 38 key, No BT, No Wi-Fi - 633809003059

Product Details

The DT92 features the best ergonomics on the market paired with the most comfortable and durable pistol grip handle in the industry. With its 38-key functional keypad, and a 3.2 inches high-visibility color graphic display with touch screen, the largest in its class, the DT92 is the premier solution for applications in retail, warehouse, and logistics environments. Whether in the stock room or the sales floor, the DT92 reduces operator fatigue without compromise to efficiency or reliability.


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  What's in the Box
  • Wasp DT92 Mobile Computer
  Key Features
  • 3.2" high visibility color touch screen display
  • 38-key functional keypad
 Best Suited For
  • Retail
  • Warehouse
  • Logistics

Product Video

System Requirements

  • PC and Server Requirements
  • Mobile Computer Requirements

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