Wasp Platinum Partner - Mid Atlantic Region

BarcodeShack is your Local Wasp Resource - We offer free on-site demonstrations - plus cost effective on-site installation and training services.

We enjoy seeing organizations become more profitable by implementing barcode-based Inventory and Asset Control Systems so they can improve their operational efficiency and operational performance. 

As a Wasp Barcode Technologies Platinum Premiere Installer and Reseller Partner, BarcodeShack is able to not only provide superior technical expertise, but they are also authorized to pass great barcode software and hardware discounts to our clients.

Bob and his team have successfully implemented Asset Tracking and Inventory Control Solutions in nearly a 1,000 businesses. Biotechnology, Healthcare, DOD, State, Federal, and Local Governments, and small and medium sizes business have all been served.

Bob and his team have earned numerous certifications, including:
--Wasp Platinum Installation Partner
--Wasp Platinum Reseller Partner
--Unitech America Strategic Partner
--Datalogic Diamond One Partner
--NumberCruncher Authorized Hardware Partner

Bob’s customer list looks like the who’s who of the fortune 2,000 organizations and many many small and medium sized businesses.

Please feel free to contact me - 301-254-3410 -

Below are a list of some of the few Ready-to-Go KITS we offer.

Wasp Mobile Asset Ready-to-Go KIT

Asset Ready-to-Go KIT

Wasp Inventory Control Ready-to-Go Kit

Wasp Inventory Control Ready-to-Go Kit