Flis Performance Improves Race Car Assembly Processes with BarcodeShack Solutions

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Flis Performance is a full-service race fabrication prep shop and an official manufacturer of Mazda MX-5 Cup Race Cars. Based in Daytona Beach, this company is proud to produce, supply and service high-performance race cars both on and off the race track.

Flis Performance collaborates closely with their partners to secure the necessary parts for the manufacturing and repair process to flow smoothly and on schedule. Helping owners maintain these race cars required the company to have a presence at events, supporting the race teams during competitions while simultaneously completing assemblies back at the shop.

Like their clients, Flis Performance is constantly in a race against the clock to provide the exact parts needed to ensure vehicles are ready for competition. While supporting race teams on the track, the company also needed immediate insight into their inventory – from individual parts to sub-assemblies – in order to make purchasing decisions necessary to complete repairs.

Cloud-Based Software Maximizes Flis Performance’s Manufacturing Capabilities

Flis Performance required an inventory management solution accessible from any location and one that could help them with purchase orders, tracking and managing the parts used to build and maintain race cars, and do so on schedule. Based on damage and repair needs that occur on the race track, Flis Performance needed to perform vehicle maintenance and replace and order parts as soon as possible.

Their former inventory control solution did not provide them with the visibility needed during races to confirm database stock and look up parts manufacturer information offsite. This caused the company to lose valuable time and money when attempting to confirm the availability and status of parts or identify the correct vendor to place orders, resulting in work delays and expensive overnight orders.

BarcodeShack consulted with Flis Performance to determine their requirements for an inventory management solution that could provide them with the visibility and control they required to properly build and serve their clients’ race cars. BarcodeShack recommended Wasp InventoryCloud, assisting Flis Performance during each aspect of the project: software selection, proper implementation, system customization, database configuration, data imports and staff training.

Enhanced Visibility, Decision-Making and Efficiency Improves Race Car Assembly and Repair Processes

Flis Performance now has a cloud-based inventory management solution that heightens the company’s assembly and maintenance capabilities for high-powered race cars. The organization can now verify inventory remotely to make split-second decisions and ensure required parts and components are available for maintenance and repairs, or immediately place purchase orders with the correct vendors when out of stock. The cloud-based solution helps empower employee decision-making, reduces overall inventory costs and improves business profitability. The remote access and update system capabilities of Wasp InventoryCloud granted Flis Performance full insight into parts availability and assembly completion status at multiple facility sites  – data which powers greater efficiency and accuracy in their race car assembly and maintenance schedules.

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