File Tracking System

Stop Losing Your Documents & Files

Implement barcode scanning to streamline the management and tracking of crucial files and documents. Utilize the system to efficiently identify the location and individuals currently in possession of the documents.

One out of every 20 documents is lost. Companies on average spend $120 in labor to find one misfiled document.
Barcode your files and documents

Gain Control

Implementing a barcode file tracking system allows for efficient monitoring of the location and possession of important files and documents. This system allows for both CHECK OUT and CHECK IN actions to be performed through scanning the associated barcode.


Enforces accountability to ensure that your files and document are well managed and maintains a chain of custody, recording their history.  Know who has your files and know where they are located by following an easy-to-use barcode scanning procedure.

Accountability fosters trust within your organization
Easy and quick to setup

Quick Deployment

Take charge of your files and documents with this easy-to-implement barcode-based file-tracking system.  Get the system up in days and weeks, not months and years.  Start getting benefits instantly.

Complete Solution

The solution includes everything you need to solve your file and document tracking issues. File tracking software, archival quality barcodes,  label printing, barcode scanning hardware, training, and continued support.

This tool is ideal for organizations such as law firms, engineering companies, accounting firms, construction companies, and anyone who needs to keep track of files and documents.
File Tacking Success Stories
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BarcodeShack's Feature Rich File & Document Tracking Solution

Check Out Files Check In Files

Uses a barcode scanner to check files out and check files in. The process is efficient, accurate, and easy to use.

Location Tracking

You will be able to locate your files and documents, whether they are stored off-site or within a specific drawer in your file cabinet.

File Grouping

Files can be grouped. For example a file can be linked to a redweld, box, and location. This powerful feature is essential.

Alerts and Notifications

Know when files and documents are checked out or past due and more.

Mobile Application

Both Android and iOS mobile apps are user-friendly and can be utilized by individuals of all skill levels for tracking and organizing files and documents.

Supports Off-Site Storage

Track files and documents anywhere and with the grouping feature you can build file storage boxes and move them with a single scan.


Significantly reduce the time and effort required to conduct a file and document inventory.


Get the data you need to make intelligent business decisions. 60+ file tracking reports included and you can design your own.

Tracks File History

The history or each file and document is tracked enabling you to know who had it last and who is responsible for each file or document.

Field Level Change Logging

The Logging feature for field level changes tracks edits made at the field level, including changes to file and document attributes, and keeps a record of the individuals who made the changes.

Unlimited Tracking

Supports tracking an unlimited number of files and documents and locations. There is no limit to what or how many files you can track with the solution.

Change Field Names

Customize the program with the terminology that your organization is familiar with so that everybody knows what they are talking about.

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Schedule a FREE File Tracking Demo

Guided expert online file tracking demo

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