Case Studies

File Tracking System

Using Wasp Mobile Asset


I was approached by Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc., a civil engineering company located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  They were searching for a cost-effective system to track their more than 20,000 hard copy files.  The system needed the ability to do the following:

·         Barcode Capabilities

·         Description Flexibility

·         Location tracking

·         Group files by Project #

·         Group files by Project Category

o     i.e., Incoming correspondence, outgoing correspondence, bids, field forms, and etc.

·         Look-up specific files by project #/project category

·         Check-out and Check-in files to employees and sub-contractors.

I was provided file samples and detailed documentation of the current manual system and upon review I determined that Wasp Mobile Asset would meet and exceed the system requirements.

Wasp Mobile Asset in essence is a “license plate” tracking system.  Meaning, Wasp Mobile Asset can track ANYTHING that can be uniquely identified with a barcode; including files.

A major requirement of the system was its ability to track a parent child relationship between files.

It would have been impossible to meet the requirement without the ability to track a parent child relationship.

Wasp MobileAsset had all of the needed functions and therefore met the requirements “off-the-shelf” and required no modifications to perform the required tasks.

Parent Child Tracking

A system that offers parent child tracking gives one the ability to “relate” items.  For example, a parent could be a tool box and its children could be a wrench, hammer, and screwdriver.  The tool box would be the parent and the “tools” would be the children.

For file tracking we used the “project # as the parent and the project category files as the children.  This allows a company to look-up a project # and view all of the files related to that project – in essence – look up the Parent and see the Parent’s children.


Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc. (Rizzo) has been using wasp for more than 2 years and is currently tracking more than 20,000 files.  The organization can “look-up “project #’ files, search for unique project file categories.  Rizzo also checks-out and checks-in files using barcode scanning and has achieved a near 100% accuracy rate and dramatically increased its efficiency.