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How To Choose A Barcode-Based Inventory Management System For A Small Business

Selecting the optimal barcode-based inventory management system for your small business can offer numerous, quantifiable benefits to your company.How can you determine which software is the best for your company? Let’s explore selection criteria and the benefits of working with a domain expert during the selection process.


Invention Spotlight: Who Invented the Barcode?

In a world filled with products, nothing is more ubiquitous than the barcode. But the humble barcode is a product of decades’ worth of ingenuity that culminated in a showdown between two early tech giants in the spring of 1973.

Essential Features for Selecting a Barcode-based Asset Management System

Asset management software enables organizations to manage and audit their assets effectively, improving insight and control. Barcode-based asset tracking solutions offer quantifiable advantages in the form of data visibility, control and analysis when companies select, implement and use the right software effectively.

fixed asset tracking system

Five Questions to Ask When Selecting A Fixed Asset Tracking System

Improvements in barcode scanning and data management technologies have helped level the playing field, and businesses of varying sizes are more competitive than ever before. Spreadsheets and manual forms of data entry weren’t built for today’s fast-paced world.

barcode scanner

Barcode Scanner versus Mobile Computer with an Integrated Barcode Scanner

Many businesses have successfully used barcode technology with modern inventory control solutions to reverse the negative operational and financial effects of their previous inefficient systems.


Advantages of Cloud-Based Asset and Inventory Management Systems

Many organizations need to track, manage and audit their assets and inventory. Unfortunately, some employ inefficient methods or have management needs that outpace their current processes and systems.

barcode label

How to Choose the Right Barcode Label

Barcode labels are important supplies that enable accurate inventory and asset management and tracking for many industries, from healthcare and IT to construction, education, retail and beyond.

barcode printer

How to Pick a Barcode Printer

Selecting the most suitable barcode printer starts with carefully considering both the business requirements and the physical characteristics of your operating environment.

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Wasp Barcode Technologies Awards BarcodeShack as 2020 WaspLink Partner of the Year

BarcodeShack has been selected as the 2020 WaspLink Partner of the Year by Wasp Barcode Technologies. BarcodeShack is honored to help customers improve their visibility and control over asset management, inventory control and manufacturing processes with robust solutions.

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Can I Use My Mobile Phone as a Barcode Scanner?

Barcodes and the accompanying scanners revolutionized the way companies manage their inventory and assets and the efficiency of supply chain processes. In the past, organizations relied on painstaking inventory counts, handwritten or spreadsheet records and manual data entry in multiple systems.

inventory management

Top Questions to Ask When Selecting an Inventory Management System

Inventory mismanagement costs organizations over a trillion dollars every year on a global basis. Without updated, immediate visibility into inventory statuses – knowing exactly what you have and where it is located in real-time – businesses face data inaccuracies and issues such as the inability to fulfill orders…

inventory control

The Best Methods for Integration with Wasp Inventory Control

The lack of integration between key business systems causes extra work (manual data entry), data inaccessibility and integrity issues and decreases productivity. Proper business decisions can’t be made without reliable, updated information and integrations are the key to providing managers and executives the information they need to make good business decisions.

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