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Vetted Barcode-based Software and Hardware Solutions

The breadth of our barcode-based asset management and inventory control domain expertise enables us to help organizations select the right system based on their business requirements, saving valuable time and money.

Inventory Management

Improve your visibility into inventory, enhance operational control and minimize the risk of stockouts or overstock conditions.

Asset Tracking

Track, control and audit assets, maintain visibility over equipment history, usage, performance, maintenance schedules and more.

Manufacturing and Work-in-Process

Reduce inefficiencies, enhance product safety and improve profit margins with proper control over manufacturing inventories.

3PL (Third Party Logistics)

Exceed fulfillment expectations, manage multiple client inventories and grow your business with a centralized solution offering multi-channel management and shipping integrations.

eCommerce Solutions

Maintain accurate inventory records across online selling platforms to ensure goods are available for fulfillment and improve stock ordering processes.


Package Tracking/Mailroom

Ensure chain of custody, receiving accountability and data accuracy for package and mail tracking, improve delivery efficiency and reduce operating costs and package losses.

BarcodeShack Professional Service Offerings

Ensure proper selection and implementation of vetted barcode-based solutions for our clients via comprehensive professional services.

Solve challenging asset and inventory management problems through our professional consulting services featuring requirements analysis and customized barcode-based solution recommendations.

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Get up-and-running quickly with your on-premise or cloud-based COTS solution by leveraging our capabilities in efficiently installing and implementing the chosen solution.

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Reduce error-prone, time-consuming manual data entry through our specialist-led systems integration solutions that connect your chosen barcode-based software with important operational and financial systems.

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Obtain the valuable information your organization needs to enable better decision-making with BarcodeShack’s professional custom report writing services.

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Comprehensive onsite and remote services that train your organization’s personnel in effectively using barcode-based software and hardware solutions.

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Our Partnerships

BarcodeShack partners with leading manufacturers to provide vetted, comprehensive barcode-based software and hardware solutions to our clients.

BarcodeShack Integration Expertise

BarcodeShack leverages years of experience to properly integrate barcode-based solutions to important business-critical software systems.

Accounting ERP/MRP

Shipping Solutions

EDI/Document Control

Shopping Carts/Sales Channels

What Our Customers are Saying

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Read our success stories to learn how BarcodeShack analyzes and diagnoses client requirements and matches those to solutions that drive organizational success.

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Magna Powertrain Accelerates Manufacturing Inventory Control Processes with BarcodeShack Solutions

BarcodeShack consulted with the Magna team and determined that Wasp Barcode Technologies’ (Wasp) solution would fulfill their inventory tracking...
Gain Valuable Insights from Our Blog

Informational blog posts from our solutions specialists that cover the realm of barcode-based solutions and industry issues, offering guidance and knowledge you can use.

How To Choose A Barcode-Based Inventory Management System For A Small Business

Selecting the optimal barcode-based inventory management system for your small business can offer numerous, quantifiable benefits to your company.How can you determine which software is the best for your company? Let’s explore selection criteria and the benefits of working with a domain expert during the selection process.


Invention Spotlight: Who Invented the Barcode?

In a world filled with products, nothing is more ubiquitous than the barcode. But the humble barcode is a product of decades’ worth of ingenuity that culminated in a showdown between two early tech giants in the spring of 1973.

Essential Features for Selecting a Barcode-based Asset Management System

Asset management software enables organizations to manage and audit their assets effectively, improving insight and control. Barcode-based asset tracking solutions offer quantifiable advantages in the form of data visibility, control and analysis when companies select, implement and use the right software effectively.

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