About Us

For over 2 decades BarcodeShack's employees have helped organizations, government agencies, and all kinds of organizations implement successful barcode tracking and inventory control systems.

BarcodeShack is a Wasp Diamond Partner and is authorized to sell and implement Wasp's solutions.  We focus our efforts almost entirely on the Wasp Product Line.  We understand how the Wasp Products work and most importantly to you we seek to understand your precise needs and know the best, quickest, and most cost efficient way to implement Wasp Barcode Solutions for our mutual success.

Wasp products include free technical support and we offer free web-based demonstrations to help you decide and ensure that you are selecting the right product for the right job.

BarcodeShack.com offers Wasp's full line of barcode scanners, software, printers, and labels at very competitive prices.

If you just need a scanner, simply need to print barcodes, or need a full-blown cost effective barcode tracking system we are a good choice.

A major advantage of working with BarcodeShack is the fact that our "Barcode Specialists" are just that.  Barcode Specialists  We try to fully understand your needs and will offer a cost-effective means in satisfying those needs.  Our Barcode Specialists are capable of demonstrating, configuring, and installing all of the products we offer.

Please let us know how we can assist.